Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Our vision of the future we are creating together: We are a community of friends who work, share, learn, grow and play together. As time passes, we sense our neighbors becoming our extended family. Our neighborhood feels like home to all who want to live and visit here. It is a comfortable space that supports both individual expression and shared experiences.


Touchstone is a neighborhood of 46 households on six acres in Scio Township. It is a community created and sustained by its residents with the intention of sharing the joys and challenges of life and appreciating each individual.

Core Values


We speak and listen with sensitivity and transparency, with a goal toward understanding. Our conversations are imbued with humor and optimism as we strive for connection.


We welcome individuals and families and strive to promote close-knit relationships. We build a joyful environment that promotes the health and happiness of our fellow neighbors.


We develop trust in each other by acting with integrity, honesty, honor, and sincerity.


When we make group decisions, we are open to what each other is saying, adapt as community needs arise, and work to balance the needs of the group with the needs of individuals.


We express gratitude early and often for each other, our space, our gifts, and our planet.

Growth Mindset

With effort and open minds, we continue to learn and grow as we interact with our neighbors.

Hard Work

Our community’s success depends on responsibility, accountability, and commitment.


We strive to create a safe, receptive space to share our vulnerable, authentic, and complicated selves.


Everyone participates according to their capabilities. We are strengthened by persistence, endurance, and growing competence.


We strive for justice and equity as we build an inclusive, accessible community that respects the dignity of all people.


We strive to live in right relationship with our environment for the health of ourselves as individuals, as a society, and as an ecosystem.