Facts at a Glance

Established: 2005

Number of units: 46

Number of garages: 28

Ownership: Units are privately owned and sold on the open market.

Land: 6 acres with co-ownership of pond and surrounds.

Common House:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Media room
  • Sitting room with fireplace
  • Guest room
  • Children’s room
  • Mail room
  • Laundry room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Office
  • Storage
  • TV, Computer, Printer, Projector, CD/DVD player, Surround Sound, WiFi, 3-D Printer, Microphones +

Governance: Consensus. Every adult co-owner is a board member.

Community Meals: Typically 2 community meals per week. Meals are optional and expenses are portioned to participants.

Renting: We often have rentals and renters are encouraged to be fully active members of the community including in the governance. On the exceedingly rare ocassion of a bylaws vote, renter would not have a vote.

Visitors: Visitors are welcomed. We have weekly tours, Sundays at 2pm.

Accessibility: 8 units with no-barrier entries, interiors vary as to their accessibility. The Common House has no-barrier entry and handicapped accessible bathrooms and one shower. Winter accessibility is difficult as no garages are connected to units. There are 4 handicapped parking spaces.

Environmental Initiatives:

  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Garden
  • LEED Certified Common House
  • Geothermal heating in Common House

Electric Vehicle Charging: Currently we do not have EV charging onsite, but it is under ongoing consideration. There is a charging station at a local grocery store 2.5 miles away and the Tesla dealership 1 mile away.

Contact Info:

  • FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TouchstoneCohousing
  • Website: www.touchstonecohousing.org
  • Email: info@AnnArborCohousing.org
  • Phone: 734-274-9110
  • Weekly tours Sundays at 2pm starting from Touchstone Common House
  • Address: 560 Little Lake Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103