Ann Arbor Cohousing Virtual Tour

Given the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have temporarily stopped providing our regular Sunday Cohousing tours.  Instead we are able to provide you with the following videos to watch.

Feel free to contact Robin at 734-274-9110 if you have questions or would like to talk further with one of the tour guides.

Who we are and how we found cohousing.


Why Cohousing?
Some questions and answers about why we’ve chosen to live in cohousing.

What is Cohousing?
Answers to some common questions about what makes cohousing different.

Contrasting Communities
Each Cohousing community has it’s own personality. We compare and how they share commonalities and contrast their different strengths.

Work in Cohousing
A sharing of experiences and descriptions of how our communities do work together.

Meals in Cohousing
We eat very well in cohousing. Choices for everyone around meals and food.

Kids in Cohousing
Raising children in cohousing allows parents a lot of flexibility. We break down some of the ideas and choices available from parenting styles to schools.

Finances in Cohousing
How do we make it all work? With sound financial decisions and community input. Reasonable Association fees, a strong reserve fund, and low taxes. An explanation of how we add community elements which benefit everyone.

Next Steps! Get in Touch!
We’d really like to get to know you! Please give us a call.